About British Custom Tailor english

Your favorite tailor shop is located at the famous Terminal 21 shopping mall in the central of Bankok. As everyone wants the best tailor, we are proud to say that we try our best tailor, we care proud to say that we try our best to our customer’s needs. We make our best suits just to make you look nice and satisfied. And we valued the happiness and satisfaction of our customers the most.


We have been open the current shopping mall from 2013

British custom tailor, lead by Mr. Ram (Shop Owner & Head Taylor), offers excellent-quality custom-made clothing. From the early 1900’s to the 3 generations, Ram’s family was a pioneer in tailoring services. In our tailorwe select and use high quality fabrics specially ordered from Italy and the UK.

Ram has only one philosophy when it comes to running his shop “I serve the people and their every tailoring need and desire.To satisfy customers,to not let down. I would like to feel that customers have chosen our tailoring of suit & shirt with satisfaction and confidence.”

Custom made – to meet all your needs

Combining traditional & modern tailoring methods, British Custom Tailors produce a range of bespoke garments, including business suits,morning suits, wedding suits, waistcoats, trousers, skirts, overcoats and shirts, all of which are contemporary styled, perfectly fitted and of exceptional quality and value.

Our shop are located at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall facing Sukhumvit Road, on the 2nd Floor-London Floor. The shopping mall is connected directly to BTS and MRT Asok station. Please come in for a free consultation & fitting.(Free drinks are also available)

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