Making Process

Not Manufactured, Crafted with Care

Have you ever wondered what happens after your measurements are taken? Have you ever wondered how your suit & shirt are tailored? Flick through and discover our intricate step by step process. You can explore and discover the wonders behind the tailoring expertise. Find out how are we able to produce such fine work for you in less than 2 days. Behold the magic of our handcraft. Here is a step by step overview of how and where we make our measurements.





Readymade mens suits do not fit you perfectly as you think. Handmade suits in Bangkok can make each person smarter and smoother. Bespoke suits are made by your size as well as your shape and specific measurements. Handmade clothes fit more closely than mechanical ones and are costly. Our custom suits are unique, as they are not made using old patterns or existing patterns. With your measurement size, then an entirely new pattern is created according to your specifications.